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Calcium and vitamin D3

  • Calcium as an inorganic part of bones and
    teeth is a vitally important mineral. Apart from
    its involvement in the bone mass structure, it
    has other important functions in the body,
    e. g. transmission of nerve impulses into
    muscle fibers, muscle contraction and blood
  • It is ideal to support the calcium intake by
    the intake of vitamin D which has a key role
    in its absorption. Besides, vitamin D has a lot of
    other positive effects in the body, it takes
    part in the regulation of calcium and phosphorus
    metabolism, it strengthens the immune
    system and others.
  • Regular intake of calcium and vitamin D is
    essential in childhood and youth during bone
    development, but also in older age, when the
    amount of calcium in bone mass is reduced
    and the risk of fractures increases.
  • The natural way of calcium intake is from food
    (dairy products, vegetables...) and mineral
    waters, vitamin D id produced in the skin by
    exposure to sunlight and in a smaller extent it
    is found in food.
  • Non-alcoholic drink AQUAOS is a natural
    source of calcium and vitamin D3, just 1 liter
    of the drink provides the recommended doses
    (600 mg/ l of calcium and 400 IU/ l of vitamin D3).

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