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Prevention and treatment

  • For active people who care about their health
    the drink is an ideal part of water intake as
    well as prevention that is adequate after
    reaching 35 years of age when gradual loss of
    bone mass occurs.
  • As we age, more calcium is excreted than
    taken in and bones become more susceptible
    to fractures. This risk is higher for women who
    lose more calcium due to the decreasing level
    of estrogen, that is why it is recommended to
    increase the calcium intake to 1200 – 1500 mg.
  • Adequate daily intake of calcium and vitamin D
    is an essential part of treatment of osteoporosis
    and osteoporotic fractures. The drink has
    no undesirable effects, that is why it is suitable
    for long-term drinking.
  • The results of the studies of postmenopausal
    women proved the positive effect of mineral
    water with higher calcium content for the prevention
    and reduction of bone mass loss.
  • Non-alcoholic drink AQUAOS is not only
    a source of calcium and vitamin D3 but as
    a part of water intake, it also hydrates.
  • Drink AQUAOS is an ideal part of prevention
    and treatment of osteoporosis, its added
    value is also its excellent absorption of natural
    calcium and absence of undesirable effects.
  • Slovak Society for Osteoporosis and Metabolic
    Bone Diseases recommends AQUAOS in
    the treatment of osteoporosis.

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